It’s Time To Rethink Bamboo

Launched in 1972 as a hobby business, we changed the Australian sustainable design landscape by importing natural, environmentally responsible materials to be used to decorate and enhance indoor and outdoor settings.

Today we are involved with the design and manufacture of a wide range of sustainable materials that are essentially used to improve the look of what you have or are developing… From external applications of fencing, privacy screening or shading to internal walls, ceilings or joinery.

Contemporary bamboo, Cello
Contemporary bamboo, Cello

Rethink Bamboo

The challenge for us at HoB Commercial is to help people “rethink bamboo”.

Largely when we speak about bamboo to people the first thoughts are of those loosely tied poles of bamboo used to cover up unsightly items or create privacy as a cheap, quick short-term solution.

However, bamboo has come a long way…

With the aid of technology and the increased desire to use sustainable materials, investment has gone into the production and development of bamboo to be used in the building and design industry. Almost anything you can produce with timber can be produced with bamboo. The major difference is that bamboo is by far a more naturally sustainable material.

What Makes Bamboo Sustainable?

When we cut down forests to use the raw material it takes on average 70 years for the forest to fully regenerate.

It takes only 7 years for a bamboo forest to regenerate.

Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and sequesters up to 4 times the amount of carbon dioxide than trees.

So for us it makes sense to use this natural material and it makes sense that this should be a mandate for commercial projects. We are committed to innovation, designing materials that inspire and are functional and help each person achieve a place that you want to spend your time in.

Our materials have been used in hospitality fitouts, hotels, childcare centres, event venues, tourist attractions and new developments and the design options really are endless with this versatile material and our incredible engineering and design team.

Anything is possible!

Contemporary bamboo, Cello