Sustainable Design Materials, Contribute To Your Green Star Rating

As a designer, architect, builder or landscaper you are likely searching for sustainable building materials for your projects.

HoB Commercial has focused on using sustainable materials for over 45 years so we have seen a lot of changes in the industry.

Offering significant remediation from the effects of climate change, bamboo lends itself naturally to being a "green product." Thus specifying it for your projects contributes to your Green Star Rating.

Why Bamboo? Why Is It Better Than Timber?

Rather than get involved in saying why one is better than the other, it is probably best simply to list why bamboo is a wonderful material to use in building.

Firstly, bamboo is a grass not a tree.

When you cut down a hardwood tree it’s gone and it can take up to a century for a forest to regrow.

Being a grass means that once you cut it down it regrows. It then takes only six to seven years to re-establish a forest of bamboo, which makes it a highly renewable material.

Its root system stabilises the soil by grabbing it and holding it, so it is ideal in the prevention of mudslides. This also minimises the erosion of the land which is currently a major cause of famine in the world.

Deforestation starts a cycle of drought and environmental decline and accounts for a fifth of all carbon emissions globally.

Bamboo sustainability

The Paradox On Bamboo

However, did you know that harvesting bamboo is actually a greener option than not harvesting bamboo?!


Bamboo culms do not live as long as hardwood trees. When they decay they release carbon into the atmosphere.  So, an untouched bamboo forest is a poor carbon sink. The best way to make bamboo into a great carbon sink is to harvest it.

Secondly, let's consider production.

The production and technology associated with the making of building materials in bamboo has come a long way.

Not only is bamboo a renewable material but it is:

  1. As strong as steel in tension.
  2. Stronger than concrete in compression.
  3. Much lighter in weight than timber and can be manufactured to produce almost everything that timber produces.
Sustainable design materials, bamboo

Building For The Future

Sustainable Design Materials.

Bamboo is the building material for the future. We have focused on innovation to create refined designs that can be applied for residential and commercial projects.

Transcending trends, bamboo is a conscientious building material which helps you achieve a Green Star Rating and of course helps our planet too.

Get in touch with regard to any of the designs here or to order samples of our bamboo products.

Jennifer Snyders, BScArch, CEO HoB Commercial.


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