Project Name: Margaritaville

Location: Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Designer: Design Clarity

Products Used: Woven bamboo panels, bamboo bar benchtops and Alang Alang.

Application: Ceilings, cladding, roofing and benchtops.

Story: What would be a more suitable material for a tropical holiday setting like this than bamboo! We had co-operated with the architects from Design Clarity before, so at the end of 2012 when designing Margaritaville, they recommended us to the owners and we supplied the restaurant with textured bamboo panels, bamboo bar benchtops and Alang Alang.

As they say on their website: “You don’t need to change your latitude to change your attitude!” Margaritaville Sydney provides the perfect escape from reality with beach décor, island music and delicious food. Our textural, natural materials met their perfect setting.

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