New Year, New Look: Transform Spaces with these Bamboo Screening Design Ideas

As they come into a new year, people often want to improve their spaces or create a positive vibe in their environment to symbolise a fresh start — whether at home or in a commercial space. Often professionals can be challenged by how they can transform the spaces of their clients.

However, as there is now greater focus given on sustainability, it could the best time to also explore materials that can offer design enhancements while reducing your carbon footprint.

One of the design materials that you need to check out is bamboo.

Bamboo is versatile and adds beauty to spaces, naturally. Bamboo screening is one of its common forms and is used to enhance both homes and commercial establishments. If you’re planning to use bamboo in transforming spaces this new year, here are some of the bamboo design ideas that you can explore, especially with bamboo screening as your primary material.

New Year, New Look: Transform Spaces with these Bamboo Screening Design Ideas

7 Bamboo Screening Design Ideas to Explore

1. Natural Shading for Terraces

Terraces are primarily used for relaxation and air flow, and they’re definitely areas worthy of a little renovation. While there are people who prefer open terraces to take advantage of all that fresh air and the best views, keeping it under the shade will make this a more relaxing spot especially during hot, summer days.

Natural Shading for Terraces

Bamboo screening can be used as a natural shade for terraces. As it isn’t a solid structure, it still allows air to pass through so ventilation isn’t blocked. At the same time, bamboo shades an area from direct sunlight to make it a nice spot to hang out in, even on those sunny days.

2. Privacy Screen for Balconies

As with terraces, balconies are a favourite spot for those who may just want to lounge around. However, if a balcony is too exposed, you lose your privacy – and the area won’t be as comfortable as it’s supposed to be.

Privacy Screen for Balconies

Using bamboo screening that works like a fence to enclose the area is a easy and welcome improvement. It can create private spaces and allow freedom of movement in both homes and commercial establishments.

3. Wall Cladding

Projects that need a makeover can be made easier if you incorporate bamboo screening as your wall cladding material.

Wall Cladding

Bamboo screening is an effective way to conceal areas that have suffered from wear and tear. It’s also an easy upgrade if you want to create a natural or zen-like vibe in a space. Engineered bamboo cladding is an option that can allow creativity, whether you’re working on residential or commercial cladding.

4. Bamboo Pergolas

For projects that involve outdoor environments or for large backyards, a pergola will help you create an outstanding focal point.

Bamboo Pergolas

Pergolas are aesthetic and functional – they allow you to stay outdoors while enjoying indoor convenience. You can use bamboo screening or engineered bamboo to design a beautiful and elegant pergola that can withstand harsh environmental factors like extreme temperatures.

5. Art Installation

Have you been looking for a unique piece of art for your design project? Why not create your own using bamboo screening and bamboo poles?

Art Installation

Image Source: House of Bamboo Commercial Portfolio

Whether you want a gigantic piece for your ceiling or a stand-alone art piece for your space, you can let your creativity flow with this natural material. There are a number of bamboo design ideas that you can try to create your very own work of art.

6. Unique Furniture

Are you hoping to add a unique piece of furniture to your design project? No worries. You can find bamboo design ideas to create furniture that is uniquely intended to match the requirements of any environment.

Unique Furniture

With the flexibility and versatility of bamboo, you’ll have limitless ideas when designing your own furniture.

7. Bamboo Gate

You can make the theme of a home or a commercial space obvious at first glance through creative bamboo design ideas.

Bamboo Gate

Entry points can easily reflect what’s inside if you’ll use the right material for your project. For design themes that are natural, tropical or those that use earth tones in particular, you can rely on bamboo. Bamboo screening combined with bamboo poles, rods or engineered bamboo can create a facade that will capture attention right away.


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The new year brings an opportunity to freshen up any space, but it can be a challenge for your knowledge and skill as a designer. That’s why these bamboo design ideas can be easy and effective. And no need to worry about finding the high-quality materials you need – House of Bamboo Commercial offers a wide range of bamboo screening products and materials like commercial bamboo.


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