Rattan is all the rage again.

This hardy and versatile material, also known as cane webbing, is traditionally used in chairs, joinery and bedheads but is now also being specified by designers and architects in ceilings, shading, wall panels and privacy screens.

Available in a choice of closed or open webbing style, rattan always brings an exotic ambience to any room, giving it a touch of the tropics.

Rattan linings for ceilings are growing increasingly popular in the hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts and spas or anywhere you want to create a sophisticated but relaxed natural vibe. Framed in panels they can evoke anything from an oriental to contemporary feeling, depending on the setting they are used.

The open weave of rattan also allows for a contrasting background colour behind it or choose to employ backlighting in ceilings to cast a soft, warm, filtered light.

Rattan can bring a textured elegance to any room as well as a sense of discrete privacy when used in screens.

HOB Commercial carry a range of 11 different designs of rattan.

  Fire Rating Class 2

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Installation Guidelines

This guideline has been based on a large project undertaken in Sydney of 400 ceiling panels placed in a frame.

Place rattan in water and soak for 2-3 hours. (30mins to 1hour is usually fine.) If using the same vat for multiple pieces replace the water for each soak to fresh clean water.
Remove rattan pat dry and then staple to frame work while wet. Pull the material tort before stapling. Multi-grips might help to pull the material into place.
Let material dry, ensure there is plenty of air surrounding material so it can dry effectively. Do not stack frames on top of each other for the drying process as this may cause mould to form.

Please note: The rattan will shrink as it dries and tightens. The frame needs to be sturdy and strong to withstand the shrinkage of the rattan.

For large projects please contact us directly for a quote

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