Our exclusive Natureed® range offers superior quality and style and features 50% more water reeds than other alternatives.

Natureed blends beautifully and flexibly into a range of modern and traditional settings and landscapes giving unlimited creative freedom to designers and architects.

It is a popular and versatile material for bringing privacy and a natural look to existing pools, garden fences or balconies and is ideal when used as cladding for old paling, metal or wire mesh fences.

Natureed is also ideal for overhead shading, providing a lovely filtered light and immediate relief from the heat of the summer sun. For renovations you can clad existing plastic awnings or verandah roofing with Natureed® on the underside to hide the roofing material while still allowing the light to filter through.

It makes for a tranquil, UV protective shading solution that can transform a stark garden or hospitality venue into an inviting al fresco setting.

Bound with high quality stainless steel wire, Natureed is lightweight yet durable, requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to moisture and termites. It is available in range of widths and heights.

  Fire Rating Class 2

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