Loved for centuries for their timeless appeal, bamboo poles are enjoying a resurgence among interior designers and architects looking for naturally sourced sustainable materials for their projects.

An environmentally superior alternative to timber, bamboo poles are a stylish, fresh and exotic alternative for use in ceilings, shading, cladding and screening.

Available in an extraordinary variety of lengths, diameters and even colours, bamboo poles provide the ultimate flexibility for incorporating bamboo into any design theme.

Bamboo poles can be used vertically, horizontally or even diagonally, providing unlimited creativity in commercial, residential and hospitality projects.

Combined with matching bamboo screens or contrasted against timber, bamboo poles can used as features to break up large, flat, uninspiring spaces.

They also bring a more natural, organic feel to gardens and can be used to create open space shading the blocks the heat but allows dappled light and cooling.


Note: Being a natural product, bamboo may occasionally split however this does not affect the structural integrity of bamboo. Greying of bamboo can be prevented by using any of a number of commercial clear protectors however this is not necessary as bamboo naturally copes with the elements.

  Fire Rating Class 3

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