Green Architecture Trends that are Shaping the Future

Globally we’re all taking steps towards fighting climate change and trends are already being incorporated in today’s homes, buildings, and structures to support that. In fact, ‘green architecture’ is evolving quickly, as we work towards the same goal sustainability.

Here are four emerging trends in green architecture that don’t just create innovation but also support environmental protection. Read on:

4 Green Architecture Trends You Need to Know About

1. Stormwater Management 

Heavy rainfall and floods have become a major problem across the globe. But now, thanks to innovations in green architecture, stormwater management techniques are being put in place to prevent long term damage – like porous pavements, which are put in place to prevent flooding, or green infrastructure that makes use of plants to control the flow of stormwater.

2. Cool Roofs

Designed to reflect sunlight and reduce the amount of heat absorbed, thanks to highly reflective paint, special shingles or sheet covering, cool roofs are able to reflect heat so homes are up to 50 degrees cooler than under a usual roof. Not only can they help make homes more comfortable, they also help to save on energy.

3. Zero Energy Buildings

This innovation in green architecture promotes the use of renewable energy and therefore facilitates energy efficiency. Zero energy buildings comply with energy-efficient standards from the construction of the buildings to operations and maintenance and use renewable sources of energy like solar and wind power.  

4.Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is an important factor in green architecture trends, and it all starts with the use of sustainable construction materials. There is already a wide array of options when it comes to these types of materials, with more choices coming on to the market all the time.


Sustainable materials make it possible for construction to be completed without harming nature. And it’s as simple as using recyclable materials like steel beams used for industrial interiors, natural paint that prevents pollution and construction materials like engineered bamboo that serves the same benefits as timber without the need to cut down trees.


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As an industry, it’s crucial that we promote the use of energy-efficient and sustainable products. Through the innovations in sustainability, we can all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and help the world fight climate change without affecting functionality.

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