Contemporary / Engineered

The aim of our engineered bamboo products is to provide a natural timber look whilst following our mission to provide only renewable core materials to create beautiful solutions.  

This collection of materials is categorised into our Symphony and Sea Change Series.

  • Symphony presents a sustainable choice of closed private designs using innovative bamboo boards and veneers. The unique designs provide a rich textural dynamic that embraces simplicity in its design. The textural appearance can vary in depth allowing the variation in choices depending on your application and affect you are aiming to achieve. Some designs will also provide the added benefit of acoustic properties assisting in the much needed area of reducing noise.
  • Sea Change presents a range of open slatted designs that vary according to the level of privacy required. The inherent feeling of spaciousness in a contemporary space while still providing privacy is the key to design elements of this modular system.

The effect is airy, simple and elegant. These screens can be used both vertically and horizontally both as screening or ceiling panels. The modular system allows for ease of installation and can be modified at any stage dependant on project requirements.

Natural / Organic

Our core range of natural, organic products is this group of materials that offers the true material in its raw appearance and nature. The classic bamboo pole, reed, rattan, palm leaves and cane are all utilised to provide and product that suits many applications such as shading, cladding fencing screening.

Keeping true to the beauty and integrity of the natural material we simply design the individual pieces of the material to be bound together with stainless steel or UV stable nylon and concealed in most cases allowing the material to be showcased.

Following our passion for sustainable architecture and engineering our natural materials create an extension of the landscape focusing on the curvaceous organic form in contemporary applications.

These materials enrich the human experience by providing a softening of hard spaces, and a warmth that is created simple with its natural connection with nature.

Textured / Handmade

This collection takes our understanding of natural materials and handcrafts them into a range of textured solutions that can be used in many contemporary designs. This includes all of our handcrafted, customisable rattan, custom blinds and textured bamboo panels.

Without modifying the nature of the bamboo, cane, rattan, seagrass or hemp we utilise the fibres of each raw material to create beautiful hand-crafted designs.

  • Our wide range of beautiful handmade rattan and cane webbing of the is the largest in Australia and we offer customised options for our clients.
  • Our beautifully woven bamboo blinds effectively filters light creating a warmth and ambience to any space. With a range for both indoor and outdoor blinds they complement any area where you require a natural shade solution while still allowing a soft filtered light to penetrate the space. These blinds can be painted in any colour and all are custom made for each project allowing the flexibility to choose a range of fittings.
  • Our unique bamboo panels provide a natural answer to creating a unique space or backdrop to any setting. Used successfully in a range of applications from commercial, retail and hospitality our mandate for sustainability has been beautifully achieved with our unique designs offering texture and simplicity.

From Japanese zen feel rooms, Bali huts to tiki bars the wide range of designs provides solutions for theming for any commercial application.

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