Top Considerations for a Sustainable Architectural Design

Architects play an important role in stopping climate change and control the rise of the planet’s temperature. If you are a professional in this field, you should give priority to the creation of longer-lasting structures that are safe, resilient, and highly sustainable. Traditional architectural designs and construction practices are no longer enough. Important considerations must…

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Woolworths Expand with Bamboo Initiative

For many Australian businesses, the tumultuous events of the past year have brought with them a new perspective on what is important, especially in the fields of sustainability and mindful design. From architectural forums to TEDxSydney, the call for better options and more accessible resources has seen materials such as engineered bamboo – which is…

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Sustainable Design Materials, Contribute To Your Green Star Rating

As a designer, architect, builder or landscaper you are likely searching for sustainable building materials for your projects. HoB Commercial has focused on using sustainable materials for over 45 years so we have seen a lot of changes in the industry. Offering significant remediation from the effects of climate change, bamboo lends itself naturally to being…

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