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Key Properties of Commercial Bamboo that Modern Designers Should Know

In recent years, there has been a strong demand to find eco-friendly design materials that can help alleviate environmental problems. Thanks to commercial bamboo, the need for renewable, sustainable and high-quality resources for architectural and design projects in various sectors has been answered. Why is this so? Commercial bamboo has key properties that are very…

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Top Considerations for a Sustainable Architectural Design

Architects play an important role in stopping climate change and control the rise of the planet’s temperature. If you are a professional in this field, you should give priority to the creation of longer-lasting structures that are safe, resilient, and highly sustainable. Traditional architectural designs and construction practices are no longer enough. Important considerations must…

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New Year, New Look: Transform Spaces with these Bamboo Screening Design Ideas

As they come into a new year, people often want to improve their spaces or create a positive vibe in their environment to symbolise a fresh start — whether at home or in a commercial space. Often professionals can be challenged by how they can transform the spaces of their clients. However, as there is…

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6 Bamboo Landscaping Ideas for Your Next Project

Bamboo is one of the most popular materials used for landscaping. And this is not just about the bamboo plant. Its other forms such as bamboo panels and privacy screens have also gained great popularity over the years. People have already discovered the benefits of using contemporary bamboo materials especially in beautifying the surroundings. Aside…

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4 Brilliant Ways to Use Rattan Cane Webbing Roll for Your Interior Design Projects

Rattan has undergone an evolution. From being merely used as a material for patio furniture, it has now become one of the most sought after materials for interior design. If you are a designer, a landscape artist, or architect, you have a lot of options in using rattan. However, if you still can’t imagine how…

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Woolworths Expand with Bamboo Initiative

For many Australian businesses, the tumultuous events of the past year have brought with them a new perspective on what is important, especially in the fields of sustainability and mindful design. From architectural forums to TEDxSydney, the call for better options and more accessible resources has seen materials such as engineered bamboo – which is…

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Basic Rattan Care Tips to Help Your Clients Protect their Investment

One of the design materials that has surely come a long way is rattan. A lot of designers and architects have found several ways to incorporate it to their projects. It is light, versatile, and sustainable. Rattan is clearly an option that meets today’s design requirements. However, it isn’t just about using rattan and making…

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3 Types of Eco-Friendly Building Materials You Should be Using Now

Environmental impact continues to be a hot topic in the construction and design industry, and with the worsening effects of climate change, looking into sustainable options is key for everyone. Whether you’re an engineer, architect, interior designer, or landscape artist, there are many options these days when it comes to highly sustainable materials. And the…

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Green Architecture Trends that are Shaping the Future

Globally we’re all taking steps towards fighting climate change and trends are already being incorporated in today’s homes, buildings, and structures to support that. In fact, ‘green architecture’ is evolving quickly, as we work towards the same goal – sustainability. Here are four emerging trends in green architecture that don’t just create innovation but also…

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How to Use Rattan Cane Webbing Roll for Your Interior Design Projects

Over the past few years, rattan has evolved from being thought of as merely a material for patio furniture, it’s now become one of the most sought-after materials for interior design. If you’re a designer, a landscape artist, or architect, you’re probably already using rattan, but if you need a little inspiration for how to…

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